The Northern Indiana Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO is a Non-Profit Organization made up of AFL-CIO Affiliated Local Unions, serving Members throughout Northern Indiana.

Tired of Management Pushing You Around?


John O'Connor



Why should you organize?

Union members receive a fair wage that is negotiated and ratified by the members. Typically, union workers receive higher wages than non-union workers. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Why leave the decision of your yearly wage increase to someone whose responsibility is to keep costs down?  Why leave it up to someone who has no idea of your true value?

As a Worker, you have a RIGHT under federal law to form a union, select representative of your choice and bargain collectively with your employer.  This helps balance the power that an employer has over his or her individual employees.

Belonging to the Union gives you rights the law that you do not have as an individual.  Once you have successfully formed a union, your employer must bargain over your wages, hours, and working conditions.

In a time of high unemployment and uncertain economic conditions, the right to retain your job is critical to you and your family.  It is important to know that you cannot be fired without just cause or laid-off to make room for the owner’s favorite nephew.  But unfortunately employees who are not protected by collective bargaining are at-will employees, which mean that they can be terminated at any time for any reason.  However ALL union members are covered by collective bargaining agreements, which contain a clause specifying that their employment can only be terminated for just cause- not some arbitrary excuse.

Most union contracts establish strict rules about job security and the conditions under which layoffs or reduction in the workforce take place.  This language is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, and that no one is discriminated against for voicing an opinion on the job, or for insisting on adherence to the terms of their contract.


Without the protection of a union contract, you are at the mercy of your employer!!!












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